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100 Plants, 100 Purposes, 1 Community

August 4, 2018

Often when we receive┬ásomething, we don’t know the value of it. Granted we know how much we might have paid for it, or how much the object we traded for it, but we don’t know the true value of anything until we see how it impacts. When we completed the installation for 100 plants, 100 purposes, it was apparent that the structure was there but the art had yet to begin. It wasn’t until someone peered through the narrow shelves bountiful of lavender, sage and 98 of varieties of friendly fauna and was inspired to do something outside of themselves, is when the art truly began. From the remainder of the day, new art ideas keep bubbling to the surface offering many tangents that originated from this singular moment in time. While there were only a hundred plants given out by the end of the day, there was an infinite number of impacts that started from that moment, forever uniting everyone into a┬ácommunity of agency.