Bob Bergman
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Bob Bergman - Sculpture

Furniture Maker at Cream Co.

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“Beautiful craftsmanship and a strong sense of humor are the hallmarks of Bob Bergman’s furniture.”

A life-long admirer of Joseph Cornell and Cliff Westermann, Bob Bergman began working with wood as a sculpture student at the School of the Art Institute in the 1970s. In addition to his fine-furniture work, Bob steadfastly supports Cream Co. From stretcher bars to torsion boxes, from straightedges, to signs and stakes, Bob makes every wood-thing that Cream Co. uses. In 2012, his fine-furniture skill and commitment to Cream Co. converged. He began developing and building multi-purpose exchange stations and studio furniture, as well as outdoor wood sculpture.

His inventive and skillful approach leads to surprising inventions. Beautiful craftsmanship and a strong sense of humor are the hallmarks of Bob Bergman’s furniture. Occasionally site-specific yet movable, and usually constructed from both found remnants and beautiful foraged wood salvaged by Bob, his pieces are at the heart of the Cream Co. practice. A tomato trellis becomes a shelving structure and, then, acts as a sculpture. A conference table becomes a craft station. A desk becomes a self-contained plant-growing site. An occasional writing desk is a sky-viewing station. Each of Bob’s pieces work. Embodied with exquisite craftsmanship and multi-functional purpose, each piece invites use and play.

Bob holds a BA in Economics from Tufts University and a BA in Painting and Sculpture from the School of the Art Institute.

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