Kurt Messerle
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Kurt Messerle - Painting


for enquiries about Kurt's work please contact kurt@creamco.net

“One of my favorite projects with Cream Co was the basil exchange in front of the MCA. Having thousands of potted seedlings in 17 different varieties available to exchange for a poem or a note seemed to bring so much joy and bewilderment to people passing by.”

Kurt works with rigorous craftsmanship, an ability to manage complex visual challenges and an unyielding commitment to Cream Co. principles. A leader in seeing the complexities of painting and in challenging notions of how paintings should be made, Kurt is also Cream Co.’s resident green thumb, often bringing plants back from beyond.  

In addition to solving visual puzzles for Cream Co., Kurt is quite the wordsmith. You will not want to be on the other side of the scrabble board against Kurt but you’ll have no better partner for the Sunday crossword puzzle. Originally from southern Illinois, Kurt has lived in Chicago for twenty years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. Louis University and joined Cream Co. in 2003.

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