Sasha Earle
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Sasha Earle - Installation

Creative Director

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“I love to see participants cradle plants in their arms as they walk around or mingle after a creative exchange at one of our events. It relaxes people and opens up their willingness to engage in art and connect with other people.”

Sasha Earle is a Chicago-based artist and Creative Director of Cream Co. Sasha began collaborating with Cream Co. in 2002 and quickly became a leader in the group, contributing creatively and organizationally to all Cream Co. practices. In 2003, for Cream Co.’s first large-scale installation, Really Real, her monumental work “Celebrity Height Chart” anchored the installation and her open-minded spirit led to over 70 artists becoming involved with the exhibition.

From 2003 onward, Sasha’s commitment to “communal interaction and production” has pioneered Cream Co.’s social practice. Her belief in the collective process extends to the viewer, whose presence, she believes, is of equal importance to the maker. As Creative Director she actively seeks to create opportunities that engage audience members.

Sasha was born in Chicago and studied at Sarah Lawrence College earning a BA in 1993. A year spent abroad in Florence, Italy cemented her interest in art making and history. After several years working in commercial and non-profit art institutions, Sasha got an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she explored installation, video and sculpture. She joined Cream Co. in 2002 and became Creative Director in 2015.

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