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Environmental Concerns

September 26, 2018

“Environmental Concerns” is a collaborative project of the Experimental Station and William Hill Center for the Arts. It looks at local intersections between the natural world and social environments.

For the opening event, see exhibitions at the William Hill Gallery and Experimental Station with outdoor installations along the way. Tours will be offered between the project sites.

At William Hill Gallery and Sculpture Garden (6442 S Dorchester Ave. – indoor/outdoor): an exhibition in the gallery of urban and nature landscape and still life paintings by Gerald Sanders and his students, with William Hill’s magnificent sculpture garden outside.

At Dorchester Botanical Garden (64th and Dorchester – outdoor): Peter Gray’s “Signs of Spring” and a shadow-box by William Hill.

At The Woodlawn Botanical Nature Center (6300 Stony Island – outdoor): an extinct animals zoo made by Rhonda Gholston and her students at Hyde Park Academy.

At Experimental Station (6100 S. Blackstone – indoor): sculptural light and sound installation by Alpha Bruton with William Hill, found object sculpture by Peter Gray, and a live-plant installation by Cream Co.

At Blackstone Bicycle Works (6100 S. Blackstone – outdoor): bike-part sculptures by Alice Smith-Jones with youth from Blackstone Bicycle Works, “Plant Your Fears” installation by Cream Co., and our ongoing “Tire Tree.

Environmental Concerns
September 26, 2018 – November 18, 2019