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Living Room

September 11, 2017

Tarble Arts Center, Cream Co. juxtaposes time, color, and communication. Like in other works, Cream Co.’s installation explores collectivity and individuality, the ephemeral and the living, consciousness and the sensory to cast-off the limits associated with these societal notions. Moreover, there are several means of exchange featured within the installation. Not only are viewers invited to contemplate the group’s painted observations of perpetual and perennial time to discover their own individual understandings of time in nature, but they are also asked to use other sensory perceptions. Cream Co. invites viewers to touch and smell the installations of scented Cuban oregano, scented geranium, spider plants, succulent petals, and rue. As a means of connecting with the public, Cream Co. invite viewers to leave notes or drawings about this unique installation of living and observed life. The result is that these writings and images form a hybrid of language and visually-based reflections to create a unique version of an exquisite corpse. This is especially true with the use of Cream Co.’s Infinite Corpse Box. This method of gathering individual thoughts to layer and combine them into a collective documentation of viewers’ experiences and observations further underscores Cream Co.’s interest in juxtaposing the constraints of individual vs. collective identity. In exchange for this curious amalgam of the collective that these comments, questions, or drawings offer, the group invites viewers to take samples of the plants on display