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No End In Sight

December 13, 2008

Some art is never meant to be completed. From December 13, 2008 to January 10, 2009, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Curatorial Practice students present No End in Sight, a multimedia exhibition that investigates perpetuity in artistic practice.

This exhibition explores works that are perpetual in nature, including works that have an undefined or unreachable endpoint; series composed of multiples the artist is compelled to continue; and projects that incorporate viewer participation as a way to continue regeneration of the piece. Blurring the borders between life and artistic practice, selected artworks provoke the audience to consider art as an ongoing process, as opposed to a static event.

Featured artists approach these ideas with innovative forms and techniques. Each piece goes beyond the here and now, suggesting an art form that endures not through historical canonization, but through active methods of repetition, regeneration, and recognition of the infinite. Collectively, these works encourage the audience to redefine its role from traditional viewer to witness of, or active participant in, the process.

Artists include: Aviva Alter, Marie Krane Bergman/Cream Co., You Are Beautiful, Burtonwood and Holmes, Young Cho, Grayson Cox, Masaco Kuroda, Tim Louis, Fred Nocella, Tim Pannell, Josue Pellot, ks rives and Nicole Kenney, Jesse Seay, Sighn

Curated by: Claudia Arzeno, Angela Samuels Bryant, Kelly Chen, Jenay Gordon, Joe Iverson, Alison Kleiman, Katherine Pill, Kat Ramsland, Ania Szremski, Cecila Vargas, He Wang, Jacqueline WayneGuite.