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Plant Your Fears Here

October 18, 2015

Cream Co. presents: Plant Your Fears Here

In the spirit of Halloween, Cream Co. presents a new iteration of General Economy Exquisite Exchange (G.E.E.E.): Plant Your Fears Here. This interactive installation of plants and language will use fears as an opportunity for growth. Participants will be invited to write down a fear and attach it to an allium bulb to be planted by Cream Co. Spider plantlets will be offered as a receipt of release.

Is your fear slow growing like an Allium Azureum, unpredictable like Allium Sphaerocephalon or sensational, huge and hollow like Aflatunense? Or maybe your fear is open ended and comes and goes like Fritillaria Meleagris. Transform your fears into beautiful alliums that will bloom in Spring!

Come on out and see what plants can do!