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Public Lecture

January 18, 2017

Inspired by the give and take of neighborly rituals and the rituals we’ve developed through a collaborative painting practice, Cream Co. enacts participatory exchanges where the public is invited to interact with us and with each other in creative and unexpected ways.We consider sites, ask what can we do to invite public improvisation and trust others to use our works to work creatively. We use a variety of materials—paintings, signs, sculpture, plants, and hand-crafted furniture—to convert spaces into multifunctional exchange sites. Each site evolves organically through exchanges made by the community and ultimately, each site becomes a portrait of the audience that engages with the work. Ideally, public interactions with our work become records of generous and hopeful gestures. As we continue to work with the public, a feedback loop begins to develop that informs the development of future work. It’s an extension of the creative process that happens in the studio, and when it’s occurring in the world at large it become a mutually beneficial meta exchange. As we facilitate these emotional transactions, in turn it informs the value of future interactions.