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Read and Receive: Poetry Reading and Reception

May 27, 2015

Cream Co., student poets, and spoken words artists share a selection of the poetry created as part of G.E.E.E. Enjoy food, beverages, and community as we celebrate exquisite exchange.

Tomato varieties include:

Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Black Cherry

Black Plum

Cherokee Purple

Sweet Pea Currant

Green Zebra

Jaune Flamme

Black Krim


Ukrainian Purple

Amish Paste

Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain)

Gold Medal

Speckled Roman

G.E.E.E. facilitates public, creative exchanges of plants, goods and words. Based on an economy of neighborliness, with trust and goodwill as the operative currencies, G.E.E.E. transforms underutilized spaces into functional trading sites, and seeds exchanges with seedlings. From installations and events, G.E.E.E. has received thousands of notes, poems, and trades as records of the hope and generosity of communities. G.E.E.E. is a project of Cream Co, a collaborative art practice committed to collapsing the boundaries between the individual and group, art and life.

FREE / Logan Center Courtyard