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How Does One Become Many?

January 28, 2018

How Does One Become Many? Is it by following without question or leading without concern? Does one need a movement to create or can one create their own movement? When thinking about construction, it’s often sing as a singular act, that there is a collection of jobs and steps happening in an order working towards a singular goal of completion. While ‘community’ is a singular idea, it’s is dependent on a variety of complexities. When we are invested in building a community we have bring all of those differences under a banner of mutual understanding and respect. Once we master how to balance each other individually, then we can move forward together. On view at the Arts Incubator Gallery, Cream Co will debut “One Becomes Many” an installation apart of the group exhibition which is a program of the ECLIPSING FESTIVAL that converges around the first lunar eclipse of January 2018. The exhibition is a series of propositions organized and exhibited together in order to threaten, suspend, reshape and revision expectations and associations that hold us together.