100 Plants, 100 Purposes
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100 Plants, 100 Purposes

100 plants, 100 purposes was a communally participatory performance that established bonds through the deliberate acts of social compassion.

100 plants, 100 purposes was a communally participatory performance that established bonds through the deliberate acts of social compassion. Cream co asked people to offer up a gesture that was meant to strengthen a bond, whether it’s for a family member, friend, or stranger and in exchange they were given a plant that helped them to complete their task. Whether it was a mint plant that will be used to make tea for an opportunity to catch up with an old friend or some herbs to be used in a meal for a parent, Cream Co always wants to promote the power of when we all commit to being generous to world around us.

100 Plants that became 100 Purposes

1 Ea Geranium Scented Citrosa
1 Ea Geranium Scented Lemon Pom Pom
1 Ea Geranium Scented Citronella
1 Ea Geranium Scented Strawberry
1 Ea Geranium Scented Lady Plymouth
1 Ea Geranium Scented Apricot
1 Ea Geranium Scented Peppermint
1 Ea Geranium Scented Chocolate Mint
1 Ea Geranium Scented Charity
1 Ea Geranium Scented Atomic Snowflake
1 Ea Geranium Scented Lime
1 Ea Geranium Scented French Lace
1 Ea Geranium Scented Skeleton Rose
1 Ea Geranium Scented Attar of Roses
1 Ea Geranium Scented Orange
1 Ea Geranium Scented Snowflake Rose
1 Ea Geranium Scented Rose
1 Ea Geranium Scented Ginger
1 Ea Lavender Fernleaf
1 Ea Lavender Phenomenal
1 Ea Lavender Goodwin Creek
1 Ea Lavender Green Dentate
1 Ea Savory Winter
1 Ea Patchouli
1 Ea Root Beer Plant
1 Ea Sage Fruit
1 Ea Sage Pineapple
1 Ea Thyme Broadleaf
1 Ea Moujean Tea
1 Ea Oregano Cuban
1 Ea Stevia
1 Ea Thyme Common
1 Ea Sage Berggarten
1 Ea Sage Common
1 Ea Sage Tricolor
1 Ea Sage Purple
1 Ea 3.50in Smallage
1 Ea La Lot
1 Ea Bay Tree
1 Ea Chives
1 Ea Chives Garlic
1 Ea Chives Unicorn
1 Ea Curry Plant
1 Ea Rosemary Foxtail
1 Ea Rosemary Common
1 Ea Rosemary Barbeque
1 Ea Tarragon French
1 Ea Lavender Hidcote
1 Ea Lavender Munstead
1 Ea Waterleaf
1 Ea Sushni
1 Ea Coriander Vietnamese
1 Ea Cilantro
1 Ea Culantro
1 Ea Society Garlic Variegated
1 Ea Society Garlic
1 Ea Salad Burnet
1 Ea Lemon Balm
1 Ea Oregano Greek
1 Ea Oregano Italian
1 Ea Oregano Jims Best
1 Ea Mint Apple
1 Ea Mint Mojito
1 Ea Mint Pineapple
1 Ea Parsley Italian/plain
1 Ea Parsley Curly
1 Ea Lemon Verbena
1 Ea Sweet Flag, Licorice
1 Ea Sage Golden
1 Ea Mint Peppermint
1 Ea Lavender French
1 Ea Sorrel French
1 Ea Basil Green Pepper
1 Ea Basil Genovese
1 Ea Basil Holy Red and Green
1 Ea Juncus Blue Rush
1 Ea Juncus Corkscrew Rush
1 Ea Carex Red Rooster
1 Ea Zamioculcus
1 Ea Ferns Tropical Silver Lace
1 Ea Leafy Cactus
1 Ea Gardenia
1 Ea Ferns Tropical Bird's Nest
1 Ea Ferns Tropical Staghorn
1 Ea Aloe
1 Ea Club Moss Golden
1 Ea Sensitive Plant
1 Ea Persian Shield
1 Ea Cigar Plant
1 Ea Lantana
1 Ea Oxalis Clover Triangularis
1 Ea Crossandra
1 Ea Asclepias Silky Gold
1 Ea Gomphrena
1 Ea Celosia Fire Feather
1 Ea Shrimp Plant Yellow
3 Ea Earth Stars Assorted

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