Bob’s Furniture
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Bob’s Furniture

Exquisite craftsmanship and a strong sense of humor are the hallmarks of Bob Bergman’s furniture. Occasionally site-specific yet movable, and usually constructed from both found remnants and beautiful foraged wood salvaged by Bob, his pieces are at the heart of the Cream Co. practice. From the most minute stretcher bar to all of our full-scale sculptures, every Cream Co. piece includes pieces handmade by Bob.

Image above: Stump Table, red oak, salvaged storm-damaged tree stump, finish.

Multi-purpose table and plant growing station.
Upcycled wooden ladders, glass refrigerator door, baking pans, maple and red oak.

Mobile plant stand with watering overflow receptacle and occasional dolly.
Wood, baking pan, casters, hardware.

Mobile multiple-plant stand with watering overflow receptacles and occasional dolly.
Wood, baking pans, casters, hardware.

Surfboard (adjustable height, mobile seat/table)
Red oak, upcycled desk chair base with adjustable tilt and height controls.

Geranium Bench
Found stone countertop, construction wood, plastic pails, live geranium plants.

Movable grid table (with flower mound, as shown)
Wood, metal grating, casters.

Portable Tomato-Vine-Support Structures, adjustable configurations.
Construction wood, electrical conduit, hardware.

Multi-Purpose Exchange and Plant-Growing Station.
Upcycled wooden ladders, glass refrigerator door, glass shelving, red oak and hardware.

Image below: Infinity Clock, a timeless piece with endless second hand. Red oak and hardware.

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