Constituent Colors
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Constituent Colors

From a Project Regarding Perennial Time (based on looking at a hydrangea shrub in Chicago since 1997)

June into July 34” x 51”

Fifteen years in to watching the sun nurture and, then, bleach petals on annabelle hydrangeas, in Chicago, we, in 2012, began to see that although a petal may look like a single color like yellow, each single color actually consists of many colors including reds, yellows and blues.

August into September 34” x 51”

These multi-monochrome moments appear singular at first glance and multi-dimensional on further inspection. With these paintings, we aim to capture and represent the colors that constitute colors we’ve seen on hydrangea petals. In so doing, we begin to see the infinite nature of single moments in time.

Each 34” x 51” work consists of a hand-drawn grid, 10,720 handmade marks, and 402 colors.

Fall 34” x 51”
Draft 34” x 51”
Late Fall into Winter 34” x 51”
Winter 34” x 51”
End of Winter into Spring 34” x 51”
Between Spring and Summer 34” x 51”
Rate of Change During Summer 34” x 51”
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