G.E.E.E. – Hyde Park Art Center
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G.E.E.E. – Hyde Park Art Center

Over the course of an 18-month residency at the Hyde Park Art Center, Cream Co. created and operated General Economy, Exquisite Exchange (G.E.E.E.), a post-retail museum shop and rooftop tomato garden. G.E.E.E. relied on neighborly value as the the operative currency and creative bartering became the dominant mode of exchange. Through the impromptu and repeat interactions of Art Center visitors, G.E.E.E. brought to life a local culture sustained by the give and take of neighborly ritual, by the surplus of seasonal gardens and local kitchens, and by the exploration of post-retail systems of value.

Unused hallways with tons of natural light were perfect spots for Cream Co. to transform the Art Center into G.E.E.E. sites.

Plants and household goods were traded and exchanged by visitors and neighbors.

The inventory at G.E.E.E. changed throughout the year reflecting the seasons

and community participation.

Cream Co. artists were often on hand to assist and engage with visitors

though an honor system kept G.E.E.E. running unattended.

Transactions were recorded and displayed to show the growth and change of community involvement.

The rooftop tomato garden produced an abundance of heirloom tomatoes

and also served as classroom for a community garden class run by Cream Co.

The Big Dig Gig, invited participation in an Abundance Garden, where neighbors brought their surplus plants to trade with each other and to donate to the Hyde Park Art Center’s public walkways.

Cream Co. signs always say it best!

A hand painted sign at the Hyde Park Art Center
G.E.E.E. at the Hyde Park at Center in Chicago
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