G.E.E.E. at Theaster Gates’ Dorchester Projects
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G.E.E.E. at Theaster Gates’ Dorchester Projects

Over the course of this two-year resdiency, Cream Co. activated several spaces with G.E.E.E. trading posts, installations and events; including an indoor trading post, a mobile pop-up trading post, gardening workshops, a community heirloom tomato garden, a scent-sampler garden, and curated plant and petal installations.
Above: Living Wall for Theaster’s studio, 2014

Archive House with G.E.E.E. signage.

Mobile multi-purpose exchange station at the first Black Cinema House (Theaster’s living room).

Dried oranges and dried pomegranates hanging around, waiting to be traded.

A few signs transformed a stairwell and foyer in the Archive House into a trading post for succulents and items exchanged by neighbors.

Items are always available for sale (at cost) or trade. All profits go back to the community that hosts Cream Co.

Mobile trading post at Theaster’s studio, 2014

Petal Pile installation for Theaster’s birthday (detail)

How it worked, Archive House garden, 2013-2014

Self-watering container workshop, 2013

Heirloom tomato garden in self-watering containers. Archive House, 2013

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