Parts of Timelines
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Parts of Timelines

(1997- present) The Cream Co. art practice began with my fascination with growing and watching an Annabelle hydrangea bloom and decay in a Chicago garden. A few months into what is now a 20-year journey, I became convinced that I could actually see what time looked like if I could only keep track of the changing color of a petal of a flower. - Marie Krane

Above: (like April through October), 2005-2006 Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago collection.

O-Tan-V-OK-MJ, 1999

Here, we present our first “timeline” painting made by Marie in 1999 (with the influential suggestions of Leah Finch and Mike Kiresuk, graduate school colleagues and future members of Cream Co.). This work, made in real time, charted the colors of a hydrangea as it bloomed and faded in September through October of 1999.

Hydrangea with paint
Ten Parts of One Timeline, Whitney Museum collection
Sixteen Parts of One Timeline, 2004
Part of One Timeline, 2006
Part of One Timeline, 2013
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