Seeing Seeing
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Seeing Seeing

In 2012, we began to develop a variety of methods of documenting and archiving ways to see the sky. Our studio Sky Hole isolates a section suitable for sky-watching. Public Sky-Seeing Stations provide tools to investigate and document what we see when we see the sky. Inside and outside the studio, we are curious about what flies over our heads.

Color Diary, Four Mornings, February 2012

Can we really see the color of the sky? Can we describe it in color? in words?

Hours Seen, with recipes (SE), 2014

Can we see what was seen before? Can we look so closely that we can see time change?

Hours Seen, February 2012, in 1.36 minute increments

How can objective phenomena, the facts of our shared lives, become us? How can seeing the sky show us how we see ourselves?

Index of Painting, 2015

Can we agree on the color of any given moment? Can we see how long a moment lasts?

Sky-Hole, Chicago

This 11-inch hole cut in black paper allows an isolated view of the sky for purposes of sky-watching. We use this hole in our studio to take notes using language and paint to record qualities of the sky. The data we collect reveal questions like: does the sky change over a period of time or just our perception of it? What is the rate of change? Is the sky immutable?

Sample Sky Colors
Living Table, Sky-Seeing Station, detail
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